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Profile is nothing but collection of resource limits.
As a DBA, we create some profiles and these profiles will be assigned to the database users.
"pupbld.sql" script is going to create the default profile.

SQL> create profile developer_profile limit
                failed_login_attempts 3
                idle_time 5
                password_life_time 7
                password_grace_time 2
                password_reuse_time 30
                sessions_per_user 2;
As a DBA, we should not grant DBA, sysoper and sysdba to normal database users, because they contain administrative privileges.

sysoper privileges :
                alter database mount/open
                alter database archievelog
                recover database
                alter database backup controlfile

sysdba privileges :
                sysoper privileges with admin option plus
                create database
                recover database until
                alter database begin backup
                alter database end backup
                restricted session
grant and revoke are the commands that are used to grant and revoke privileges.
We can grant a privilege or a role either with "with grant" option or with "with admin" option.
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