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Droping User Accounts

SQL>drop user venu cascade;

SQL>select * from all_users;


                We can restore the system created users but we cant get the users created accounts.

root>sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL>select * from all_users;

SQL>conn venu/venu

                In one terminal

SQL>conn venu1/madhu

                In another terminal

SQL>desc V$session;

SQL>select sid,serial#,username from V$session where username not in('SYS');

                List all the users that are connected to the database except the 'SYS' user.

SQL>alter system kill session '125,47';

                127 - sid               

                47  - serial#

SQL>select server from V$session;

                To see the process(Dedicated Server process(DSP)/Shared Server Process(SSP)).

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