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Database creation using DBCA

>cat /etc/sysctl.conf -->to see the kernal parameters.

                >cat /etc/security/limits.conf --> to see the limits for the user accounts.

1.creating a directory

                >mkdir -p /u02/app/oracle

                >chown -R oracle:oinstall /uo2/app/oracle

                >chmod -R 775 /u02/app/oracle

                >su - oracle

                >which dbca --> to find the DBCA file location


                >dbca --> we can execute from the current directory because we configured .bash_profile.

                >xhost +

                >su - oracle

                >dbca "create database" and select "general purpose or transaction processing".

3.specify the database name.

4.deselect "configure Enterprise Manager"

5.check "use the same Administrative password for all the accounts" "use common location for all the database files". Browse and select the location to


7.enable "Enable Archieving" with "specify Fast Recovery Area" "Sample Schemas"  (optional)


                >ps -ef|grep smon  --> to see the instances which are up and running

                >cat /etc/oratab

                >export ORACLE_HOME = hrms

                >sqlplus / as sysdba

                >shutdown immediate

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