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Background Processes

Background Processes are further divided into
                1.Mandatory Background Processes
DBWR : DataBase Writer
                             LGWR : LOG Writer
                             CKPT : CheckPoint
                             SMON : System Monitor
                             PMON : Process Monitor
                             RECO : Recoverer

                2.Optional Background Processes
                             ARCH : Archiever
                             CJQN : Coordinated Job Queue Process
                             MMON : Memory Monitor
                             MMAN : Memory Manager
                             ASMB : ASM Background Process
                             RBAL : ReBalance Master
                             CTWR : Change Track Writer
                             RVWR : Recovery Writer

For the functionality of the instance, all the mandatory background processes should be up and running.

Note : If any of the background process gets terminated, instance goes down automatically.
All the optional background processes are optional and depending on the feature that we enable, respective background process gets enabled.

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