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Advantages of RMAN

1.RMAN backup is a block level backpup(oracle block). It will not generate excessive redo information.
2.Minimal DBA intervention during restore & recovery operations.
3.We can take incremental backup(takes the backup of only modified blocks).
4.We can take compressed backups.
5.We can enable block change tracking.
6.We can clone the production database to development or stage environments.
7.We can create a physical standby(data guard).
8.We can perform tablespace point-in-time recovery.
9.RMAN identifies currupted blocks & updates to v$backup_curruption.
10.To minimise the backup,restore and recovery time, we can configure multiple channels.
11.We can split out the backup of huge datafile into multiple sessions to minimise the backup time.
12.To segregate the job roles, in 11g oracle has introduced Virtual Private Catalog.

Using a single user account, we can view/modify the information existing in the recovery catalog which may lead to security concern. To overcome this problem and to have segregation of roles, oracle has introduced Virtual Private Catalog in 11g version of oracle.

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