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What happens when we issue "startup" command ?

The moment we issue the "startup" command the first file that oracle scans is Pfile or SPfile and the first file that oracle creates is "alert<SID>.log".

Prior to 11g, we need to set the following init.ora parameters to collect the diagnostic information :

1.background_dump_dest = <path>

2.user_dump_dest = <path>

3.core_dump_dest = <path>

In 11g, all the above 3 parameters have become absolete and oracle has introduced a single parameter that is "diagnostic_dest".


Bdump contains the alert log and background process related trace files.

User dump contains contains user rerlated trace files.

Core dump contains memory leakage related core files and these files will be very huge in size.


Whenever we notice huge number of core files, raise a service request with oracle support team to stop the further generation.

Even if we try to read the content of the core file, most of the information we cant understand.

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